Aries March 20 to April 20

Aries, the fire element of the cardinal signs, is the sign of action and new beginnings. You are forceful, direct and quick to act. Fire burns rapidly, so impatience is a strong characteristic of this sign. Aries individuals can appear to be brash, but it is their enthusiasm and thirst or adventure that enables them to go where others fear to tread. They have a strong need to break new ground and are often ahead of the trend. The key phrase for Aries is "I am." This is the self-directed urge to experience things firsthand. Aries individuals are fearless and charge right in, overcoming whatever obstacles are in their way. Wherever you have Aries in your horoscope, you are assertive and direct and can take immediate action. This is where you won't back down.

Electional Astrology - An Introduction

Electional astrology is the study of cycles, timing and the planning of events so as to have the best outcome possible.  Success is the goal whether one is planning to launch a business, purchase a home, invest money or get married. The moon is a most important element in timing because she is responsible for setting events in motion and because she moves so quickly, she does this daily as she aligns with all the planets out there. The planets in relationship to each other and the moon in relationship to the planets determines whether or not a day is favorable, and whether it is likely to yield the desired outcome. The study of this branch of astrology is a most useful undertaking because an understanding of cycles and how they relate to timing will guarantee more success more of the time.  

2015 Astrology Planning Guide:

Eletional Astrology the art of timing

Timing is very important to the success of every endeavor so much so that an entire branch of astrology is devoted to it. Electional astrology is the art of timing

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Astrology for Beginners

Pub. 2007 - Llewellyn Worldwide Publications Getting a glimpse of your own astrological chart isn't a challenge these days. Astrology for Beginners shows that interpreting your birth chart is actually easy.

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