Aries March 20 to April 20

Aries, the fire element of the cardinal signs, is the sign of action and new beginnings. You are forceful, direct and quick to act. Fire burns rapidly, so impatience is a strong characteristic of this sign. Aries individuals can appear to be brash, but it is their enthusiasm and thirst or adventure that enables them to go where others fear to tread. They have a strong need to break new ground and are often ahead of the trend. The key phrase for Aries is "I am." This is the self-directed urge to experience things firsthand. Aries individuals are fearless and charge right in, overcoming whatever obstacles are in their way. Wherever you have Aries in your horoscope, you are assertive and direct and can take immediate action. This is where you won't back down.


The  2015 ASTROLOGY PLANNING GUIDE is now available through a subscription service here on my website.  Once you purchase a subscription you can log-in for daily forecasts. The guide describes the quality of each day based on the planets in the sky right now and is accurate for your time zone anywhere in the world. Whenever you're planning an important event, such as a wedding, starting a business, traveling or going on a job interview, or making an important purchase or sale, good timing makes all the difference. You will have access to up-to-the minute data which includes a forecast of the quality of the day, moon void-of-course intervals, solar and lunar eclipse, Mercury, Mars and Venus retrograde cycles and more. You do not have to understand astrology to use this guide because everything is clearly defined. The best times to take action, and more importantly, when not to take action, are easy to see. Accurate timing is very important to the success of any endeavor, but it is also quite helpful for everyday activities. So if you are planning a road trip or a trip to the mall, select a good day when everything flows smoothly and the experience will be much more to your liking.

2015 Astrology Planning Guide:

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